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    Molded Golf Ball shape set into extra thick bases makes these Sports Beverage glasses a sure winner! Available in basketball, football and baseball themes, there are many glass styles available.

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STEADFAST promotions inc.

Steadfast Promotions Inc was launched in 2004 with the goal of reaching new heights in the business of promotional marketing.   In a decades-old industry we knew we had to offer Corporate Canada a fresh new approach.   With over 20 years of industry experience we choose to focus not on the products themselves but instead on cultivating and maintaining valued business relationships between ourselves and our most valued assets, our clients.  By making it a policy to know as much about each client’s business and the unique challenges faced by them, Steadfast, as a promotional partner can offer valuable insight when discussing what products would best suit not only the immediate needs but future needs as well.  Being successful in our industry requires us to act more as an advisor and sounding board for a client than a vendor of products.  Successful promotions are built on meeting needs that result in achieving the goals set out by our clients.  Increasing our clients’ visibility in the marketplace, rewarding employees for excellent work, attracting new clients, whatever the mandate, we assist our clients in standing out in their particular industry.  Today’s business world is competitive and businesses need to provide their target markets with products that will keep them interested, reward them for their loyalty and make them want to continue to work with them.  We help our existing clients do that on an ongoing basis.  We can assist you in all of your promotional endeavours.  We welcome the opportunity to do just that!

What we offer: